I found four students from the student blogging challenge to comment on their blogs.

The first blog that I commented on was this one http://floydmroom28kns.edublogs.org/

The comment that I posted was:

Hi Floyd,
Like you I am also a massive whovian, I am also a sherlockian. I also read a lot of books (so many that my family gets annoyed sometimes). Is the reason why you are “extremely amazing” because you don’t hate anyone? I enjoyed reading your blog.

The reason that I commented on his blog was because he is a whovian and also loves to read. Also because he has been writing a book series that he wants to get published and his blog seemed interesting.

The next book I visited was this one http://sarahbnms.blogspot.com/2016/03/what-i-used-to-think-student-blogging.html

The comment that I posted was:

Hi Sarah,

I really enjoyed reading your poem. It really shows how people grow and change. If you wrote a poem 20 years from now what do you think would be one it? I also used think that credit cards had endless money (I wish they did). I would spend it all on books. What would you spend it on?

I commented on her blog because I saw that she liked reading and I liked the poem that she posted.


The next blog I visited was: http://edublogs.eanesisd.net/fiza8332021/about-me/comment-page-1/#comment-16

The comment that I posted was:

Hi Fiza,
I enjoyed reading your blog. You said your favorite movie is If I Stay, have you read the book? If so do you think that the book is better than the movie?(books are usually better) I also love baking and cooking.I like baking pies, but I can’t bake cakes. What are you singing in choir?

The reason I commented on her blog was because she said that she likes baking and so do I!

And finally the last blog that I commented on was: http://anowlsidea.blogspot.com/

The comment that I posted was:

Hi snowyowl808,
I enjoyed reading your post about music. Like you I play the violin. Someone told me that as well as improving your memory playing music makes you happy. It also uses parts of your brain that you normally don’t use. I guess all of that practicing pays off if not in the way you expect. What song are you playing on the violin right now?

I commented on her blog because she plays the violin (like me) and also likes Harry Potter (like me).

And that is all for this post. Sorry that it was so long.